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Your graces,

The spring is here and we could not be more excited, and I am sure that so are you, the lovers and loyal warriors of the most popular series out there.

Yes, the final season is just around the corner, and as the anxiety intensifies before the final show, we decided to help the players ease this hanging in suspense and to launch the ultimate engaging campaign, which honours the Ruler of the North & the gang in the ultimate dog-eat-dog war from the 1st to the 15th April.

For two weeks your players will be sharpening their swords and charging the enemies’ lines in a total of five battles, where they will have to pick their banner, swear to their lord/lady and get ready to die for them.

The blood and loyalty will not be in vain – besides the glory every faithful knight is after, the players will be rewarded – a chest full of golden coins is waiting for them to plunder after each battle.

Competing for more than 16k worth of prize pool, the winning house warriors will split up the loot of 15k cash prizes, while the players fighting for other banners will take home a sack full of cash backs, freebies and huge deposit bonuses.

The more coins they grab, the greater the chance their house will triumph and rule the seven lands of Coinish kingdom. The fiery princess is already hatching, ready to reconquer what her predecessors lost to the fatty king, who passed away with only one semi-entitled heir. The evil queen across the sea is pulling her claws out to do with everyone who might cross her path of becoming the absolute despot, while the clueless guy is shedding off the crowy feather and growing scales to meet his destiny.

Naaa-na, nanana-na, nana na na (chorus: nananana nannana naaaa naaaa)

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