Make the most out of December

Old Christmas Giftbringer will reward all of our hard-working affiliates who have been doing an excellent job this year. OCG-papa will credit the accounts that will make 200 FTDs next month with an additional 3000 EUR award.

As December is the most productive, not to mention the most magical time of the year, the reward is not reserved only to our best performers (they can probably just sit back and wait for the money to drop down the chimney). So everyone, roll up your sleeves, two-zero-zero could be a lot more than just serendipity.

And there are plenty other presents in the sack. You will be awarded with extra 20% on top of your December earnings if the number of new depositors you bring in December exceeds your best 2018 month so far, and under condition that you’ve delivered a minimum of 20 FTDs in any month.



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