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OnlineCasino Deutschland is a household name in Germany and a well-recognized brand thanks to massive TV advertising on all major German TV channels such as: RTL, Sky, Sat1, Pro7, Kabel1, Sport1, Sixx, Comedy Central, National Geographic, etc. TV advertising has shown amazing results so far not only in terms of branding but also in terms of acquisition.

OnlineCasino Deutschland’s marketing budget has been increasing parallel over the years along with the brand recognition and annual turnover. Every year over 4 Million Euros are being invested into marketing. Besides on TV OnlineCasino Deutschland has been featured in Bild magazine, which is one of the bestselling newspapers worldwide. The list continues with Spiegel magazine, Welt magazine, ads featured alongside of buses, etc.

Fact is, TV commercials add up significantly to brand recognition and people tend to place their money on a well-known trusted brand over an unknown brand any day. Brand awareness has increased enormously since the operation started back in 2012 and is by date around 80%.

TV commercials also have a major impact on affiliate traffic. Parallel to monthly TV advertising intervals we have witnessed higher conversion rates and acquisition from side of affiliates. The higher the TV marketing budget, the better the performance from affiliates.

OnlineCasino Deutschland has trusted TV ad into the hands of an experienced marketing agency, who has been a trusted partner for many years now.

The latest TV ad focuses on OnlineCasino Deutschland’s main advantages – mobile site and games. In case you haven’t seen it, you can find it here:

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